Battlefield 1 Preview 64bit download free torrent

Battlefield 1 Preview 64bit download free torrent

Battlefield 1 Preview

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Battlefield 1 Preview

Battlefield 1 is the first shooter of the first person set up during the First World War. It was created for PC Plaistation 4, Xbox One and Windows. Now you can use VV1 games and admit that they usually mean low-tech and small machines, but not this game. This game is a tough and very real drawback.You did not experience an explosion to feel on Battlefield 1.

Like a game, it reminds you

At the beginning of Sekilas you will be forgiven thinking about the Medal of Honor, but play a little and you will see that there is a difference in the world. The game is much smoother, and around itself more than Medal of Honor Games. You fightin the First World War from the standpoint of the first person in which your weapon is held to the left or right of the screen until you start shooting. Manage the story in a linear way, but in an environment that opens the world / sandbox. Follow the parameters of the mission and fall into the battles and drama when you leave. Graphicsexceeds this world, so you need a gaming computer if you do not use the console. This story is based on people, it’s not about winning in the war, but about people in it. It seems that characters and characters are inspired by the Furia war.

Explosions and drama were hit hard

WhileWe lectured on computer games, the sound is everything, and the creators of Battlefield 1 know this. Shoot somebody close, and you can hear how their bones are broken when bullets fly. The sound of the explosion was interrupted, and the noise of the gun was not too far-flung, which was a big plus in the first striker. GraphicsIt’s incredible but not perfect. As in many military games, the face of the character looks a little bit. Given the current console technology, they can do less with the character’s character. Instead, he invested judging his efforts to force, so this game looks great when the battle is full.Creators have added many variants of the game when you go from one scenario to another, the other on the plane, the other in the balloon and so on. He added to the repetition, but from realism he can see from the game. Unfortunately, the creators have cut pieces of the game to sell sales with content that canto take over. For example, you can not play as a French if you do not pay more.


This story is a new drama, despite the trial period of the war, and the game is a full-bodied middle. EA ruined it with small money by burning money and forcing players to pay extra with content that can beDownload before I can enjoy the whole game. However, if you purchased a gaming computer, Plaistation 4 or Xbox One, Battlefield 1 is the reason why you paid all the money.

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